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Big Pivot Marketing was started on the idea that you made the pivot to start your business, now it's time to pivot towards growing your impact and freedom. We help life coaches, consultants, and professionals create and automate authentic offers that deliver unexpected value so that they can focus on their clients.

Are you ready to increase trust with your prospects so that you don't feel like you're desperately "pitching" to every one?

We focus on building authentic prospecting and sales funnel processes and automation based on your unique identity. Generate anticipation and excitement around your value, resulting in more leads ready to pay for your services. We align this with an improvement plan for your website SEO to build your authority and organic traffic.

This two-sided approach builds a strong blanket of trust before prospects even talk with you.

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What makes us DIFFERENT


Our approach is to become your marketing manager, even if we are not doing all of your marketing. We move beyond simple tactics and tools to work within a strategy that works for you.


We've been stuck, we've procrastinated, and dealt with our own perfectionism. Group calls and workshops provide opportunity to learn from others and get coached in real time.

Authentic Identity

Instead of comparing your business to everyone else, we focus on your unique identity and build authentic marketing campaigns that build trust with potential clients.



We deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

Our goal is provide you with a tailored experience that boosts your business!

From our marketing strategy to implementation, you will have our full focus on getting the results that you want. This means consistent measurement and adjustment to pivot to better results and customer experience. While we use marketing analytics to inform your strategy, we won't spend our time using jargon to explain what the next steps will be. Let us take care of the technicalities while you focus on your clients and their needs.

Our Services

Marketing Strategy

AI is definitely the new marketing tool getting all the attention, and it has an exciting future. It can't, however design an authentic marketing strategy based on your identity and message. It can't tell you when to pivot your marketing plan, and it can't lead. We help you with all of that and implement your marketing plan using tools and tactics such as AI.

Instagram Chat Bot

Make it easy for your followers to get information and offers from you on Instagram. Not many people want to open another "linktree in bio". Instead, let's set up a conversational approach using your style to get them to join your email list or sign up for your free offering.

Website Chat

People want answers quickly and a website chat feature is a great marketing tool. Using AI, we set up common answers to FAQs and can even connect live with you or your team so that they get the answers they are looking for. This builds trust and helps you understand what challenges they are facing so that you can deliver maximum impact and value.

Google My Business Chat

Similar to website chat, when leads search for you on Google and find your Google profile, they can start a chat directly from there. Just another marketing tool that makes it easy for people to find you, trust you, and buy from you.

Reputation Management

Your online brand is open to feedback from leads, prospects, and clients. While your reputation starts with the value you deliver through your marketing strategy, it can also be impacted by positive or negative reviews after the fact. An automated review request process and negative review strategy is key to keeping your brand looking good.

Membership Sites

One of the best ways to boost your clients' value is to offer an exclusive membership that helps them connect with others, learn from partners, and better use your services or tools. It can also replace Facebook groups which are subject to the whims of Meta. Take control of your followers and the added value of a group experience.

Email Nurturing Campaign

Once you have leads join your email list, we help you craft authentic lead nurturing campaigns that engage your audience in a way that they look forward to hearing from you again. No need to keep shoving your offer in their face - connect early and often with human value and earn their trust before pitching to them.

Lead Management

As your leads interact with your emails, videos, funnels, blogs, and social media accounts, we can design and set up behavior based workflows that can send them messages and emails that connect with them where they are in their customer journey. Trust sometimes builds slowly, and getting just the right message or help right when the lead needs it goes a long way toward earning their trust.

Custom Branded Short URL Link

Build trust with leads by using custom short links that are easy to remember, related to your main domain or business, and can be used to track specific campaigns. Especially useful for text messages, these short links make it simpler and trustworthy for clients or leads to click. Think about long Calendly links, Zoom meeting links, or a specific pages with a long URL. Best of all, we set it up and manage it for you.

Unified Messaging

Our platform creates and end-to-end messaging solution, including markeing emails, social media messaging, and text message campaigns and reminders. Make it easy on your leads and customers to receive your unique message.

Quiz Funnels

One of our favorite lead magnets is a quiz funnel. This is a fun way to connect with leads and have them join your email marketing campaigns. Just 10 questions can provide them with an insightful report and give you some information on their business challenges.

SaaS - Sell Your Training

Our platform has a robust solution to sell and deliver your training courses and information products. Similar to other well-known software providers, you can turn your followers into customers and create a library of information products, webinars, and courses that make money while you sleep.

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